Second City Hollywood: Hell County Florida

Florida is a hell hole.  Literally.  The devil has retired to Central Florida and is running amuck, as if the humidity, hurricanes and bugs weren’t enough!  Second City, Hollywood presents “HELL COUNTY, FLORIDA”


  • Rich Baker
  • Gillian Bellinger
  • Craig Cackowski
  • Maya Estephanos
  • Kevin Michael Hoffman
  • Hans Holsen
  • Monique Madrid
  • Chrissy Swinko
  • Irene White


  • Sandra Akins
  • Matt Cavedon
  • Tamarra Graham
  • Susanna Leonard
  • Jason McNichols
  • Corey Rittmaster
  • Jonathan Schwartz
  • Lynn Trickey





Flamenco Mexicana!

Who says that shooting Medium Format for web sized image display doesn’t make a difference?  These from my Contax 645, Contax 80mm f2, and Leaf Aptus 75.  I’m going to try something new out here to display the images from my first book, “Flamenco Mexicana!”  I saw this new publishing service and thought, wow, what a GREAT new online tool!  Give my book a look, and let me know what you think?

I (heart) Art

Hollywood Arts Council “I (Heart) Art” Event 2015 from TheCameraForum on Vimeo.

This video is about Hollywood Arts Council “I (Heart) Art” Event 2015.

Ok, I admit it.  I am a complete sucker for anything to do with promoting the arts to children.  As a working artist myself, it saddens me to see funding for art programs stripped from the budget in most of America’s public schools.  Too bad that our United States Congress is so short sighted to spend Billions of dollars on war preparedness and military defense, but have yet to realize the competition today is not to make war, it is to win the peace. Can any American alive today honestly believe that a generation of art ignorant children will ever effectively compete in an online media driven world?  Thank God there are other groups and organizations that agree with me that a love of art also teaches a love of the humanity and culture of man.  We are indeed, all brothers living on the same planet, just long past the time we should have all realized that.

One such group is the Hollywood Arts Council.  I proudly do volunteer work for this organization, as I see the actual results of their programs and the differences they make in the students who participate in them.  This is an organization worthy of your support too.  For further information on the Hollywood Arts Council, please visit their website located at:

Hollywood Arts Council

The Hollywood Arts Council was founded in 1978 to address the role of the arts in Hollywood. Over its 35 years, the Council has developed into an action-oriented organization working towards benefitting the Hollywood community through the use and support of the arts.  Hollywood Arts Council programs include the annual Children’s Festival of the Arts, and Project S.O.A.R.  – free professional in-school and after-school arts instruction in Hollywood’s elementary schools serving at-risk and under-served children through the power of artistic self expression.

Other Hollywood Arts Council projects include Community Mural Projects, the Jazz Pilgrimage Concert at the Ford Theatre, the annual Charlie Awards Luncheon, which honors achievements in the arts in Hollywood, the Hollywood Arts Affair, the Hollywood Bowl and CityWalk Arts Fairs, the Picture Hollywood Photo Exhibit, the Hollywood Blvd. Banner Project, and the L.A. Marathon Hollywood Entertainment Stage.

Your participation in the Hollywood Arts Council events allows the Hollywood Arts Council to continue to uphold their mission: to promote, nurture, and support the arts in and of Hollywood.  And to do it with LOVE!


Julie - Vocals, Percussion
James - Saxophone, Clarinet, Electronic Ewi
Suzanne and Jullie Rockin' it!
Suzanne - Bass, Vocals, Arrangements, Original Compositions
George - Keyboards, Arrangements, Backup Vocals
Victor - Drums, Percussion, Arrangements
Cats With Class playing at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade