DSL ARM is the affliction of having your arm stretched by using a heavy DSLR. There are many days my arm felt just like this DSL ARM before I threw in the towel and went mirrorless a few years back.  I also caught a bad case of DSL Shoulder, my left now a couple inches lower than […]

#Challenger #Hellcat  @dodge Oh how pretty. #She #MakeItPop to a #purrfect #cinemagraph

Feeding is a @flixel #cinemagraph even a #hummingbird has the #pleasure of. @getolympus OMD EM5 Mark II

#sunshine in the #morningrush means #MoveMent for my @McDonalds @McCafe @Flixel #cinemagraphs

Florida is a hell hole.  Literally.  The devil has retired to Central Florida and is running amuck, as if the humidity, hurricanes and bugs weren’t enough!  Second City, Hollywood presents “HELL COUNTY, FLORIDA” ENSEMBLE Rich Baker Gillian Bellinger Craig Cackowski Maya Estephanos Kevin Michael Hoffman Hans Holsen Monique Madrid Chrissy Swinko Irene White UNDERSTUDIES Sandra […]