About This Site

I’ve been blessed in working with some incredible teams creating web sites for almost twenty years.  The times, they sure have changed…

Today we enter the world of high speed communications; speeds only a few years ago considered impossible.  Nothing is impossible with technology, but at the same time  marketing technology as example will never replace a creative marketing mind.  Software and the technological processes it supports should always be a tool for the creative, not the other way around.  As the connected world starts to spin-up at bandwidth, we will all be challenged trying to keep up to date so we will need new and more powerful tools trying to do that.  This site should reflect that.

The site is a creative work-in-progress. I intend to push the limits; molding them into new possibilities for this site.  My intention is to experiment.  To play around a bit with different designs, different looks, different feels.  I also intend for a high degree of personalization in the UI.  To accomplish this, this site will be collecting the usual tracking data associated with such activities.  Since I don’t yet know what the extent of possibilities are for such user experience enhancements, I can not say with any degree of certainty what I mite or mite not end up collecting.  Whatever data is collected will be held in a high security data center, under strictly access controlled conditions, and every reasonable commercial standard shall apply.  What that means is to even access the server room requires a hand scan and fingerprint verification to open the door.  While I take every reasonable commercial effort, it is the internet we’re talking about here, so nothing is ever perfect in the security regard.  Users should always use caution and exercise judgement in what they choose to reveal.

Presenting my work in it’s intended form does take a lot of bandwidth to display.  Still photographs are often large JPG files.  Video content can run many millions of megabytes.  This is more bandwidth in some cases than ISP’s provide in their “base package.” 

This means you may need to wait until a movie file fully downloads before beginning to play.  Your viewing experience will be greatly improved if you do, as it will stutter, pause, and damn near drive you nuts if you don’t.  Turn on your sound at a comfortable listening level.  Most video content found here does contain audio.  Please turn the music on or off as you please.  For my own tastes, a good soundtrack enhances the experience.

Copyright Notice: As a published work, this publication is made under my first amendment rights of free speech guaranteed me by the United States Constitution. It is an editorial work of my own creation.  This website and its contents are my property, and therefore my own responsibility and none others.  This site, and everything posted on it unless otherwise noticed is © Copyright Chuck Jones – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without advance written permission.

Privacy Policy: I never disclose anything about anybody or their identities without either their express permission or a court order forcing me to do so.  If you do wish to subscribe to something here, I am a firm believer in using real names.  I have little respect for nor any desire to interact with people hidden behind a “nom de plume.” I do welcome your participation under those reservations.

If you have any questions about this  Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, or any other policy of this site please contact me directly. If you do subscribe and comment, I ask you politely not to abuse and confuse, strut your stuff, or act in other ways as to be disruptive to the spirit in which this information is being presented.  Instead participate please in a constructive critique in the spirit of raising the quality of each of our arts to a higher overall level.  Mediocre art is so mundane.  So are rude comments and spam.

May You Always Have Great Light, and Do Have a GREAT Day!

Chuck Jones