About Me

Renaissance Man, 2.0

I am a Photographic artist and fine art printer.  Humanitarian, a CEO with ethics, master printer,  hybrid media storyteller, and marketer all rolled into one neat, trim package – available for hire! I weave stories people enjoy. I help create products and open new markets.  I can help you sell, finance, and promote your products and services. I’ve helped grow companies and  businesses of all kinds.  May I help you grow yours?

My special focus is projects in the Los Angeles / Hollywood, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico or Santa Fé, NM areas. I specialize in photojournalism for social media communications. I can provide full service printing using the Platinum/Palladium process for stunning B&W prints. Let me take your digital image and produce a fantastic Platinotype Print for you!

English, Spanish, Alternative photographic processes and Cinemagraphs all spoken here.

I’m an adventurer in spirit and deed known for getting a job done the right way, on time and on budget.  I’ve been an entrepreneur since resigning my corporate 9-5 job shortly after I was old enough to vote.   

I’ve started, built, grown, bought and sold several companies. I’ve done non-profit educational work in Mexico with almost no budget. My largest annual budget responsibility was $100M, 5,000+ employees and operations in seven countries across North America and Europe.  Over the years I’ve acquired ninja level  communications and operations management skills.  I’d love to put my skills to work for you!    

I excel at helping you solve even the toughest of projects.  Try me, you’ll see!

For a private consultation, please contact me.  

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to working with you.

Chuck Jones