About Me

Renaissance Man, 2.0 or One Man’s Passion Is Another Man’s Art.

I am a creative artist, first, among the many possible nouns and adjectives, I and others have used to describe my corporal form over the years. Some artists move around. Art is fluid.  So am I. I’m intensely interested in studying the past so that I can push the edges into the future of my work.  I’m one of those competitive souls, who like sponges soak up every scrap of knowledge possible to create something fresh, something new. My works are my own creations, continuing the processes and procedures developed by my forerunners in the photographic field, enhanced by my own research and experimentation.  I take full and complete advantage of artistic license as a visual artist and fine art printer.

I can provide full-service printing using the Platinum/Palladium process for stunning B&W prints. Let me take your digital image and produce a fantastic Palladium Print for you!

English, Spanish, alternative photographic processes and Cinemagraphs all spoken here.


I’m an adventurer in spirit and deed known for getting my assignments completed the right way, on time and on budget.  I’ve been an entrepreneur since resigning my corporate 9-5 job shortly after I was old enough to vote. I’ve started, built, grown, bought and sold companies. I’ve made a couple fortunes and lost them both to divorce. Such is the life of this artist.

Chuck Jones, by R. David Marks.

I excel at documentary photography and platinum/palladium fine art printing.  Try me, you’ll see!

For a private project consultation, please contact me.  

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to working with you.

Chuck Jones