Calico Pie

Artist Suzanne Birrell’s latest musical album “Calico Pie” is now completed and available for sale! [mp_cart_link link_text=”Click Here To Purchase!”].


One hundred sixty years into the fanciful world of Edward Lear, there was an Owl and a Pussy Cat, a Duck and a Kangaroo, and many more delightful characters who had bold adventures.  Uncle Arly, who traveled the world with cricket on the end of his nose, and the green headed Jumblies who went to sea in a Sieve, are but two of the ten works presented here.  Suzanne Birrell, in all of her artistic forms, is a story teller at heart.  In this album, Suzanne gives new life to these charming age old favorites with melodies equally hypnotizing and memorable.  Suzanne doesn’t just tell the story, she acts them out in character voice with feelings of great pathos and humor.  She will captivate your imagination with her over the top performance that enthralls children and adults alike.  Buy the album now – you’ll find yourself caught up in the stories and soon singing along.

Playing Time 45:13 Minutes



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