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Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

One of my favorite clients, the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, recently moved their office to a beautiful, hip new storefront location in the middle of Hollywood, immediately dressing up the neighborhood with their brightly lit windows. To celebrate their move-in, they invited the...

/ March 14, 2016

A Happy Morning

  #sunshine in the #morningrush means #MoveMent for my @McDonalds @McCafe @Flixel #cinemagraphs

/ March 30, 2015

Leica 100 Years Celebration Portraits

IN 2014, LEICA CAMERA AG WILL BE CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF LEICA PHOTOGRAPHY The year 1914 saw the birth of 35 mm Leica photography as we know it today. Oskar Barnack made the Leitz Camera, the very first Leica, 100...

/ May 4, 2014


Salerno Winery by Chuck Jones Salerno Winery is a small boutique winery located in the Ramona Valley American Viticultural Area. Opera singer Herman Salerno and his wife Rose first came to the Ramona Valley in 1998 with over 23 years prior...

/ January 29, 2014


Call us nuts or call us interested in mature level discussions about the Art, Science, and Technology of image creation in today’s age.  Whatever spirit motivated each of us, working together with a group of my friends we have launched...

/ November 25, 2012


August 19, 2012 Oakland, California Sony NEX-7 & Leica 28mm Summicron ASPH. Crystal and I take off for an old Navy ship for some fun and photos!

/ August 19, 2012

San Martin de los Terreros

San Martin de los Terreros Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico “The Blessing of the Horses” November 10, 2005 Leica R8 DMR Serial #97 & Leica R Lenses

/ November 10, 2005

Dia de los Muertos Oaxaca

Week of November 1, 2005 State of Oaxaca, Mexico Leica R9 DMR & Leica R Lenses

/ November 2, 2005