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Sunset And Dine

COALITION TO PROTECT L.A. NEIGHBORHOODS & JOBS STOP THE HOUSING BAN presented THE FIFTH ANNUAL SUNSET & DINE: CELEBRATING COMMUNITY AND CUISINE  I had the honor of being the official event photographer.  Sunset & Dine celebrates some of the eclectic and creative...

/ September 1, 2016

Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

One of my favorite clients, the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, recently moved their office to a beautiful, hip new storefront location in the middle of Hollywood, immediately dressing up the neighborhood with their brightly lit windows. To celebrate their move-in, they invited the...

/ March 14, 2016

Night At The Sands

A night at the Sands from Creative Artist Studios is more than a theatrical event, it is an experience. From the moment you walk in the doors the players bring you on board and into their dramas. Lucy just wants...

/ November 28, 2015

Only In Hollywood 2015

The Only in Hollywood Music + Arts Festival was a four-day music and arts showcase and walkable neighborhood open house for the Hollywood community. This was the inaugural Music + Arts experience and was a showcase of both established performers and artists, and...

/ November 10, 2015


Second City in Hollywood celebrates over 50 years of cutting edge satiric revues and sketches with its latest hysterically witty musical sketch  ArmaGAYddon. The show begins with the premise that Gay marriage has been sanctioned by the Supreme Court of...

/ July 12, 2015

Diana Terranova & Her Pal PowerGirl

When DC Comics put out the PR call for a Guinness Book of World Records attempt at the record for the largest COSPLAY character event, it was irresistible.  As we often say around here, Only In Hollywood!

/ April 20, 2015

Second City Hollywood: Hell County Florida

  Florida is a hell hole.  Literally.  The devil has retired to Central Florida and is running amuck, as if the humidity, hurricanes and bugs weren’t enough!  Second City, Hollywood presents “HELL COUNTY, FLORIDA” ENSEMBLE Rich Baker Gillian Bellinger Craig...

/ February 28, 2015