CinemaGraph Theatre (Formerly The PotterGraph Emporium)

If you work in marketing, you’ve no doubt already seen or heard about Cinemagraphs.  What you probably haven’t seen before today is a CinemaGraph Theatre. The CinemaGraph Theatre is brought to you free of charge, just like the Harry Potter Newspapers that inspired it.  To pause the slideshow, just move your mouse over one of the images.  To restart, flip to next image or refresh.


  • CinemaGraphs are bite-sized nuggets of attention grabbing Marketing Magic
  • CinemaGraphs are a very cool way to capture your Brand essence and present it to the world
  • CinemaGraphs are created to be shared on social media, so the exposure rate is huge
  • CinemaGraphs are cheaper to produce than videos, more animated than stills, and loved by all
  • CinemaGraphs are multifunctional so you can use them to promote anything from videos to stage shows, from products and services to presentations. Use them on websites, in email blasts and on your social media
  • CinemaGraphs are 5.6 times higher click through rate than still images according to research stats

Want to be one of the first brands to experiment with CinemaGraphs?  Please complete the form below, or give me a call and we can talk over your brief.  We can have you up and running with CinemaGraphs of your own so fast it will make your head spin!