Crystal Nezgoda

Crystal Nezgoda is an aspiring young actress with a tremendous potential.  Crystal is also a woman of strong character both in the rolls she plays on stage as well as the obstacles, heartaches, and personal challenges she has struggled with and overcome in her personal life.

Crystal is probably the best model I have ever had the pleasure to photograph.  She is a close friend, and most certainly a muse for me as we always seem to connect for an excellent portrait every time we meet.  She is selfless in her work, putting everything she has into everything she does.  She never holds anything back.  She has the eye of a tiger, the instincts of the trained professional actress she is, and the moves of a cat – always landing on her feet overcoming all with her positive loving attitude.


Posted by Chuck

I've specialized in many forms of photography over my career, Documentary Portrait to Landscape, from B&W film to ultra high resolution digital. All forms of Photography & Printing interest me. My art is capturing life as it happens. Once in awhile, life as I imagine it could happen.

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