Has it really been that many years?  In 1964 author Ken Kesey (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) and his crew of “Merry Pranksters” cast off from the San Francisco Bay Area in their psychedelic day-glow painted school bus they named “Further.” Further’s trip proved to be a cross country journey to visit New York City and its infamous resident, Professor Timothy Leary. The rest, as they say, is history…
Leary had been fired by Harvard after he became a vocal advocate for the mind opening potential of LSD. He popularized the famous slogan of the 60’s “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” after drinking the acid spiked “Electric Kool-Aid” that lead to him dropping out himself.  I missed that beginning, as did most of you.  But a second chance for us all to “get on the love bus” is coming around again, thanks to Patrick Hennessey (AKA Kernel Love Joy) – A vagabond, writer and movie maker at heart, Laura Maples (AKA Reverend Woven Web) and the rest of the crew aboard The Magic Love Bus.
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 The Kernel will be orchestrating this rolling journey, while documenting and sharing it with love and joy with the world.  It should be noted that unlike Kesey’s “Acid Trip” across America back in 1964, this time the bus mission is fueled on love, not drugs according to Kernel Love Joy and Reverend Woven Web.   At its heart, the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey is what the crew consider to be “a shared journey of transformation.  As our hearts grow and heal, the love we create will ripple out to touch others and create a Sea of change.  That is our prayer and intention as we travel across America during the spring and summer of 2012.  That universal message has nothing to do with drugs.  It embraces all people, all races, colors, religions, and beliefs.  The 99% and the 1% are all welcome” stated Reverend Woven Web.
Thus begins my own journey documenting the cast and crew of The Magic Love Bus.  Their official website is here:  My goal is to document the saga of the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey Across America.  This is Episode One of that story.
Saturday, April 14th, 2012 – Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA – Friends of the Magic Love Bus and supporters of the LovEvolution came together to create an intimate and heart felt gathering on Ocean Beach in San Francisco to bless the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey.  Reverend Woven Web shared the consented upon intention of the journey in declaring – “We support each other in our personal transformations, as we support the transformations we wish to see in the world.”  Reverend Woven Web then invited participants to come forward and share their deepest heartfelt intentions for personal and world transformation around the burning fire pit. Then all joined hands and hearts for a spiral dance, with drumming while singing:

“We are the rising Sun.

We are the Change.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

And We are Rising…”

Press The Orange Arrow Below To Add Sound!

A very special thank you to Suzanne Birrell for putting music to the words as she chanted them.  Special thanks to the Crew of the Magic Love Bus Journey for inviting me to participate in witnessing the story as it unfolds, and for their kind permission to photograph it. Thank you Patrick Hennessey (Kernel Love Joy), Scotty Miller (Captain Moon Dog), Laura Maples (Reverend Woven Web), Peri Pfenninger (Magic Love Fairie), Kashia Ted (Skipper Cruise Control), Joe Benham (Peace Driver), and Shima Moore (Divina Love Light).  Without all of you, there is no story to tell.  May the Universe bless your journey of love.

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I’ve been woking with a image format that combines both the essence of animation with the stillness of a single moment.  Some call them Cinemagraphs, some Kino’s.  I and others in the media business call them PotterGraphs™, in honor of that famous magical movie wizard Harry.

MagicLoveBus Pottergraph Theatre

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The Bus Route & Stops

Here’s the map of the bus’s currently planned route.  The actual itinerary is subject to change, but the current planned stops can be found here:

View **2012 Magic Love Bus Journey in a larger map

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