Moving now to a mirrorless camera workflow, I decided to revisit autofocus.  This of course has nothing to do with my aging eyes.  One of the many “new” features some of these powerful cameras have is a feature called Autofocus Tracking.  Autofocus tracking, simply means you lock onto a subject and the autofocus system holds your focus right on the selected subject as it moves around the frame.  While this is a powerful tool when it works right, it is a complete nightmare when it doesn’t.  As with all feature tools, I use it sparingly due to experiences exactly like this one.


Posted by Chuck

I've specialized in many forms of photography over my career, Documentary Portrait to Landscape, from B&W film to ultra high resolution digital. All forms of Photography & Printing interest me. My art is capturing life as it happens. Once in awhile, life as I imagine it could happen.

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