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Second City in Hollywood celebrates over 50 years of cutting edge satiric revues and sketches with its latest hysterically witty musical sketch  ArmaGAYddon. The show begins with the premise that Gay marriage has been sanctioned by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and serendipitously the only Friday night performance of ArmaGAYddon was performed on the night the SCOTUS did in fact legalize gay marriage. The director, the actors and the audience were all stoked before the show ever began.

Chuck Jones-04573
Martin Garcia center. Photo: Chuck Jones

Written and Directed by Nancy Hayden, ArmaGAYddon is not only historically timely but addresses other notions and prejudices as well. Gays, straights, religious,  religious, bigots, charity workers, cities across America- no one was safe from the jokes and barbs and they followed one after the other. The music was infectious and fun as well.

Chuck Jones-04580
Michael Henry, Jamison Scala, Todd Risenmay & Gina Brown. Photo: Chuck Jones

The performances were spot on every one. ArmaGAYddon is definitely an ensemble piece, the whole being more than any individual. Actor Martin Garcia (left) almost stole the show with his sexy Trans performance after making a spectacular transition from a celebrating gay dancer to a bible thumping bigot. I didn’t recognize him as one in the same until writing this article and trying to match characters with names. Michael Henry was a master manipulator of timing. He always waited for the audience before throwing out the bone and got the laugh every time. Even the keyboardist Dan Wessels appeared to enjoy the show as much as the audience. Kudos to all who made this show a great one.

-Suzanne Birrell,

For: Discover Hollywood Magazine


Chuck Jones-04584
Josh Callahan, Martin Garcia, and Todd Risenberry. Photo: Chuck Jones