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Fuji X-Pro1 – First Look

I got the opportunity to play with the new Fuji XPro-1 but only for a week, not nearly enough time to fully evaluate this fantastic new Fuji camera.  I want to get it back in here for a more in depth test and review after an impressive initial look.  I can say that this is one camera that anybody considering moving to a mirrorless camera will certainly want to consider.  The dynamic rage is fantastic, as is the overall image quality.  The handling is excellent and it has all the features one would ever need, along with beautiful color.  The XPro-1 from this first look is a true contender for professional quality work, as this short video slideshow I put together clearly demonstrates.  Hopefully, more information to come when I can fully evaluate and test the limits in a future post with the latest firmware updates.

This slideshow was all processed from RAW files, converted to JPG’s, and color grading was applied to give a close feel to the rather dark and overcast day they were shot.