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Leonard Brooks

Leonard Brooks 95th Birthday

Leonard Brooks – 1911-2011

I just learned that my old friend and client, Canadian Painter Leonard Brooks has passed away at the ripe old age of 100.  He and his photographer wife Riva Brooks were two of the more famous original ex-patriot artists that found their home in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato Mexico.  I had the pleasure to both know Leonard as a person, and as the excellent painter he was from documenting many of Leonard’s works spanning a number of years.  

Goodbye Leonard, it was a pleasure and a privilege to have known you.  I will miss our many hearted discussions about light and color.

Leonard’s Last Message

“Many years ago, when I was eight years old, an uncle of mine bought me a present; a box of watercolors and a brush. I rushed outside, in mid-winter to paint the snow covered landscapes like those I had seen in an art gallery.  I came in triumphant – a quick watercolor frozen on the paper and it melted.  “My that feels like winter”, said my uncle when he saw it – and it did – a lovely loose wash of snow and trees.  I was hooked. Eighty-five years later I still am!.”

“This year I am having an exhibition in Mexico on October 8th, 2006 at the Coyoacan Art Museum – a retrospective of many years of watercolors painted in Mexico and many other countries.  Other media – oil, casein, acrylics, and mixed media but my favorite has always been watercolor. A book “My World of Watercolor” will be off the press soon with 75 full color reproductions of some of those many papers I have covered with paint.” 

“Good painting to all you watercolor, figurative and abstract artists.
It is a challenging and magical world that awaits you!”

– Leonard Brooks, 2006.

Leonard Brooks 95th Birthday
Leonard Brooks 95th Birthday Party

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