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My Progress In Realizing A Vision

Four years ago, nearly to the day, I sat in our new apartment in Santa Fe, New Mexico unpacking moving boxes while trying to visualize the next steps in the new project on my radar screen. Four months prior to that, Suzanne and I had pulled up stakes in Studio City, CA, and we headed back to New Mexico. Suzanne with a job teaching Middle School Band, and I with a set of selected images I’d gathered and a vision of printing them in platinum and palladium to hang in a gallery I dreamed of building in Santa Fe one day. I felt so strongly about the vision, I even went so far as to create a video of the “Grand Platinum Palladium Palace” as I dreamed it, and the work, perfectly printed of course, in huge sizes hanging on the walls.

That video is below. The reality today, here four years later, is coming along. The gallery is not so grand, and it is not in Santa Fe – yet – but in a much more humble addition to our home in Chimayó. The gallery is not as grand in size or adornment as this video, but the platinum/palladium handmade photographs are coming along even better than I had visualized they would be. Most of these photographs are presently available in our online gallery now open at BirrellJones.Gallery. As working artists trying to support ourselves with our art, we do appreciate greatly you’re considering a purchase for your office or den, or as a gift for friends and relatives. Help me build the gallery I envision, the BirrellJones.Gallery we can build together with your support.

Thank you!