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Custom Printmaking

Platinum & Palladium Fine Art Printmaking

Platinum and Palladium printing are contact print process, which means I must first make a large format digital negative the same size as the desired print. I can also photograph your art for reproduction if needed.  We offer the services as a full-service shop, with everything either done in-house or under our direct control and supervision.

We create digital negatives rivaling the sharpness, tonal range, and smooth shadow/highlight separation exceeding that found in even Ansel Adams view camera negatives. The process achieves a degree of control never possible using traditional analog negatives. My process produces excellent results from nearly every digital media source, including digital camera files, computer art files, or film negatives.  I can’t make promises before seeing your actual source image, but enlargements and reductions are normally possible, within reason, from most of your original source material.

Creation of Large Format Digital Negatives

Up To 11×14 $50
16×20 $60
17×22 $70
(* Prices shown are without a print order) Digital Negative included free with a print ordered of the image at the same time.

I charge $50 per hour for pre-press creative work, billed in quarter-hour increments, after a one-hour minimum. 

Prices To Print Your Images

Palladium Print, Na2 Process

Print Size (paper) First Print
Additional Prints (of the same Image)
Up To 11×15 $200 $150
11×14 $225 $180
13×19 $250 $210

NOTES: All print sizes are subject to your original file having sufficient resolution.  A signed printer’s proof IS RECOMMENDED for limited edition jobs. I can store your Digital Negatives for further prints in an edition and/or for potential replacement of lost or damaged prints already sold to your clients. Or I can forward you the digital negatives for your own storage, however additional prints are always subject to any degradation, scratches, or other physical damage to the negative from storage or transportation.

Our Birrell Jones, LLC corporate seal, as a seal of authenticity can be applied on the border of the print, if sufficient room, or to the reverse as I do with my own to assure authenticity. Cost is an additional $10 per print, and I sign your print on the reverse as well guaranteeing the print source.

Palladium over Pigment prints, or hand watercolor toning over Platinum or Palladium are individually quoted per job.  Please contact us.

Pure Platinum or Platinum/Palladium combination prints, please add 25% to print prices shown above for the additional costs of the extra metal salts.