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Santa Fe Public Schools Music Program Parade

On October 21, 2017 I had the great pleasure to act as the photographer for the Ortiz Middle School Marching Band.  My assignment was to document the band’s participation in a public demonstration march with other Santa Fe Public Schools music programs.  Children from several Santa Fe area schools participated, including Santa Fe High, Capitol High, Ortiz Middle School, and others with band programs.

The bands met at the base of Canyon Road, and marched up Canyon Road to the park at the top.  While I accompanied Ortiz Middle School, I think the real story here was the reaction of the people who were lined up along Canyon Road watching the parade.  The reactions, smiles and applause of the crowd were very well received by the students.  Encouraging children to participate in activities such as these at a young age can help their developing personalities immensely by instilling confidence in the formative years.

I want to thank all of the parents, spectators, and gallery owners who participated in this years parade.  You make it very special for the children.  I also want to single out Steve Cie, founder of The Globe Gallery, 727 Canyon Road, Santa Fe for their extra special care, attention, and general support of the Ortiz Middle School Marching Band.  The kids really appreciated it, and thank you very much Steve.