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Now Departing: The Magic Love Bus

Has it really been that many years?  In 1964 author Ken Kesey and his crew of “Merry Pranksters” cast off from the San Francisco Bay Area in their psychedelic day-glow painted school bus named “Further.” Further’s trip proved to be a cross country journey to visit New York City and its infamous resident, Professor Timothy Leary. The rest, as they say, is history.  Leary had been fired by Harvard after he became a vocal advocate for the mind opening potential of LSD. He popularized the famous slogan of the 60’s “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” after drinking the acid spiked “Electric Kool-Aid” to drop out of the straight world.  I missed that beginning.  But a second chance for us all is coming around again, thanks to Patrick Hennessey (AKA Kernel Love Joy) – A vagabond, writer and movie maker at heart.  The Kernel will be orchestrating this rolling journey, while documenting and sharing it with love and joy with the world.   
It should be noted that unlike Kesey’s “LSD trip” across America back in 1964, this time the bus mission is fueled on love, not drugs according to Kernel Love Joy and Reverend Woven Web (Laura Maples).
I strung together a couple of rough-edit video clips to give you a feeling of the atmosphere.  The wind was cold, damp, and howling.  Out of respect for the wishes of the circle participants, I kept my distance.  Much like our native people’s historic beliefs, the participants in this ceremony believe – I was told – that to allow the event to be captured close up would rob it of some of it’s power.  I believe that good documentary journalism is coverage that captures the spirit of the event with the essence of the people who participate in it,  and with the proper respect for their beliefs.  That tells the honest story.

[cvg-video videoId=’28’ width=’640′ height=’360′ /]

Here’s the map of the bus’s currently planned route.  The actual itinerary is subject to change, but the current planned stops can be found here:


View **2012 Magic Love Bus Journey in a larger map

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